• MUZZI-Classic marble.pdf

    Calmness, modest and everlasting wisdom,merge into the elegant living place.Natural material and light graceful shape,combining with wisps of casual texture,shows the beauty beyond appearance and time.Home,no bravado,but remains stronger and more vigorous as time goes by.

  • MUZZI-Imperial marble.pdf

    One stone with six faces shows its variety.Excellent dynamic decoration, freely flowing natural lines,good surface and gentle touch,showing its elegance and grandness.The random matches of six stone texture,making the space balance and quite the mind.Therefore, people feel calm and serene.

  • MUZZI-Season.pdf

    The showy peach flowers bathing in the dew. Meeting you in themostbeautiful years. Time carried its trunk. We smell the subtlebreath ofspring, with the warmth of fine glaze. Making one space, let us feel quiet.

  • MUZZI-Venato.pdf

    Heaven and earth have great beauty without words.The wood grain was born like nature itself and as beautiful as snow’s falling down.

  • MUZZI-bluma.pdf

    I remember when we were young,you love to talk and I love to laugh.Once we sat side by side under the peach tree,the wind stirred on the top of the trees with chirped sounds of birds.We had a good sleep without noticing,lost in the dream not knowing how many “BLUMA” were falling down.Ragged verse of BLUMA series

  • MUZZI-Alopex.pdf

    The texture of glacier and the crystalline sense of ALOPEX series are extracted from glacial geology, making the agitated city back to the glacial epoch. On the snow land of North Pole, living a smart animal called snow fox. Its soft fur with layered sense of gray and white as well as its fairy eyes, adding a sense of vitality to the glacier.

  • MUZZI-Wooded.pdf

    Vincent, a Dutch post-impressionist painter whose work had a far-reaching influence on 20th century art as a result of its vivid colors and emotional impact. The Starry Night had been exhibited on Orsay Museum in pair over hundreds of years. After careful consideration, Muzzi chose the Wooded series to create a new art that you never tired of seeing because of its comfortable texture. In a word, the Wooded series of Muzzi, which show the impression of the genuine forest.

  • MUZZI-Hilmar.pdf

    At the early 18th century, western watercolor paintings were brought to China, have already been 270 years of history. Watercolor paintings were present heartily and naturally free and easy to people. The wood grain of HILMAR series were adopt the form of watercolor paintings to compose the pattern. Their texture are clear and full of liquidity.

  • MUZZI-Burlington.PDF

    Bring loves for the space, with hopes and belief. A person can do a good job in one life, it is perfect. Perfect lines...

  • MUZZI-Cemento.PDF

    Steady gray with heavy industry texture What you expect to achieve We are ready for you I remember your...

  • MUZZI-Cloud.PDF

    The sun soon fell on the horizon. Cloud on the sun gently floating, floating. A moment like the lover into...

  • MUZZI-Ground.PDF

    To restore your relaxed mood. we are unaware that time is passing. We need to seize, is the imprint of...

  • MUZZI-Lismore.PDF

    Lismore is trying to use particular lines to achieve their own changes. In order to better taste the red wine...

  • MUZZI-Starry.PDF

    Belongs to everyone's happiness The moment we meet old friends together with family. Sitting in the yard...